The World as we know it!

It’s now nine days into the New Year and we seem to have continued where we left off with fear and violence around the globe. I know the changing of the year shouldn’t make much difference to the world as such, but there is that hope of optimism that comes with a new year.


I am optimistic about the future. Sure there are scary people around, there always have been, it’s just their methods of destruction are larger and more pronounced. We have also seen more large plane crashes in the last year than I can ever remember. Doesn’t mean that there are it just happens I/the media have noticed them.


Which I kind of like UKIP. They are now a major party cos the media have noticed them and their charismatic leader. By charismatic I mean not watered down through PR people and communications directors telling him to do this or that. Which is refreshing but way more comical and easy to target.


I do not like their one policy party attitude and then throw in to the mix that I don’t even like their only policy, they become a side attraction to the dull and lifeless landscape of politics. Which is where we find Russell Brand larking around looking like a modern day Adam Ant with the vocabulary of a Dickensian villain.


If you wanna change the world you need to play by its rules to start with, win over its trust and confidence. Let the world think you’re nice and better than those around you and when it’s comfortable hit it with your disruptive power. Change what you want and need to as people sleep soundly thinking they have you pegged.


Using violence and fear won’t change the western world. You have to be subtle and do it slowly and over time. Do it with technology and social media. Do it as insidiously as you can. Just Do It!

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