Choosing what to write

Having a lightbulb moment

Writing for Nothing Funny Here is very soothing and often very helpful for getting those annoying thoughts out of my head that won’t go away and frequently keep me up at night. Some are stupid and silly and some are incredibly dull. Others however are worth writing down and putting up for the internet world to see. Well you mainly dear reader.


Often I will sit at a keyboard with no idea what I plan to write. I may search the internet for a little while until something springs out at me. I may have a rough idea already of the sort of thing I want to write already. Yet I think it shows that I never plan what I write. I don’t sit down and think this paragraph is about this and then next about that. I just bang away until something of interest appears on the white empty screen.


Today is another day like that. I thought I should write something but nothing was coming to mind. So I did a sweep of the internet and nothing leapt out at me which I have a strong enough opinion on for me to rant about. So instead I decided to write my thought process and writing style down for your pleasure, but by now you should have realised that. If you haven’t then I have seriously done something wrong.


I have often thought I should try and review things, make this blog a little more usable for people to actually learn something rather than see my ranting and random stories. More stories soon I hope as I have a list of part started ones which might be aired. Anyway to begin reviewing things you need to have things and I don’t have things.


Android Due

I could review TV as it’s free (mostly) but so many people do that already. I used to do the odd android app review, this is something I might get back into to fully utilise the geeky category of this blog a bit more. I could tell you good reader about what apps I’ve been enjoying recently.


I looked through my Google Play account and I have downloaded in excess of 400 apps at one point or another. I like being an early adopter, for the record I don’t have 400 apps on my now.


We shall see what happens but I do plan to write more here. I do have a plan for other ideas which might be a little time consuming but I think could pay dividends to making my corner of the World Wide Web my own.



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