What Happened?

What happened to the year so far? It’s March already and I haven’t posted anything since January. This is not only poor on my part but also bad for my Google search ranking. Hence this post about… well… nothing really.

I did plan to have a month of posts all lined up for February but it got away from me. So I am going to alter that slightly and maybe do something a little different and do itĀ over a few months not just one. It will make sense when you see it.

I also had a review I wanted to do about a recent shop experience and that got sidetracked too. This I hope to complete in the next few days and share my experiences of this one shop and my two visits to it.

Also there might be some stories coming soon. It’s been a while since I put my brain to work to come up with something with a sort of narrative. I might even make it a political thriller… well political… in 500 words.

There you go Mrs Google, I hope this counts towards some sort of bump in rankings and explains the plans ahead which I will make happen for a change.


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