Having not typed anything on this site for a good while I come back to find nothing has changed. Odd that as I have sole responsibility for this place. Maybe it’s time to re-up the site and my postings to it?


Ok I admit I have been watching season one of The Wire again. I forget how good it is with character development etc. Plus that one scene with Bunk and Mcnulty from Episode 4. If you haven’t seen it, well it’s here be warned very strong language, well one word through out.


Out of context it seems odd but within the show it fits both characters and the events leading up to the scene very well.


Anyway in other news June 2016 is when we will see No Mans Sky. Maybe by then I’ll have a PS4 to play it on. (please send me a PS4 sony, please?) I know I would be awful at the game but I do like games that want to push the boundaries of what is expected.


That is all…. no really, I have nothing else to add to anything.

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