The world is imploding,

 Big title for a small story. Andre thought as he flicked through the daily fail. Each story was filled with more depressing news than the last. Migrants were causing house prices to rise and the predicted hot summer would only encouraged more to travel to the UK.

 Andre put the paper down and sat for a second. He was trying to empty his head of all the bad he had just read. All the spiteful nonsense washing around like a rubbish tumble dryer. Each thought more offensive than the last.

 He picked up the TV remote and turned on the TV only to be confronted with Fly News. The conservative channel of billionaire madman Robert Tumpton. The man who included the moon as a listed asset of his company and once made Chuck Norris do a dirty norris on live US TV.

 The story on screen was focusing on how hard it was to buy a house in London, Andre scoffed as he looked around his 5 bed house near a loch in Scotland.  He only paid £34,000 for it, yet it was the scrolling news ticker nestled at the bottom of the screen that caught his eyes. He does have two you know.

The government continue their pledge they are not spying on ordinary people. Home Sec “We are determined to stop terror around the world and having the intelligence to stop direct action is key to winning this unseen war”

 A buzz came from Andre’s phone, he picks it up and checks the message – Subject BWK645 is inbound. Operations keyed. Clearance HS7/2 – Andre slide the phone into his top pocket and turns off the TV. He picks up a black holdall and carries it out to the car. He returns to the house and sets the alarm. The house lights up for a second with green beams then goes dark.

 He gets in his range rover and drives away slowly.



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