Sitcom Writer Needed

One day I want to write a sitcom, not a novel or movie but a situation comedy. The issue is I have no idea what kinda situation I want to write about or what the characters should be. I don’t know where the jokes and humor will come from or what I am really going to say with it.

Yet I have this dream that I want to write a sitcom. I want to write something funny with a few characters we get to know over 6 episodes in a situation which we are very comfortable with. I want to make something like the greats. Ones we will watch over and over again on TV.

I keep taking notes and thinking of ideas. I keep wondering how it might look and feel.  I keep writing little snippets and then deleting them as I am not happy with how they feel. I keep writing outlines of characters who end up in the recycle bin not complete.

I_want_you[1]I think what I need is a writing partner, someone to bounce ideas off who gets what I am trying to do and can bring their own weird and crazy ideas to the table to make a sitcom. Most of the best UK sitcoms had two writers, from Father Ted to Faulty Towers to the enormous back catalogue of Jimmy Perry and David Croft. I say best, maybe memorable describes them best.

So essentially this is a call to arms. Anyone out there wanna write with me? Anyone?

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