Pinterest and IFTTT

I have prided myself on joining new and emerging websites, some die on their arse others take off. So much so I have an IFTTT account which send me beta releases of new sites. I can register my interest, log my usual username and boom. I am in on the ground floor for the next big thing.

Yeah I have had that for ages, I was an early adopter. Bask in my glory

Yet one site I never got was Pinterest. It seemed to be an online scrapbook of things found on the web. I never thought it would be useful or catch on but I maybe was wrong. People seem to spend ages pinning this or that in different categories ready to either be used later or to share with friends. So this week I joined.

So far I am still not sure what I will do with it. I have started to pin a few things and that’s been straightforward. Will it revolutionise my life and make me a pin whore…. I think not. I did find that I could link this site to it. Again I am not sure what that will achieve but I has like well done it, so there…. Oh and:


IFTT = If This Then That – One of those websites which make life just that little easier for you or as the site says “Put the internet to work for you”. You can set up recipes to do lots of cool interesting things, like syncing Instagram to Dropbox so they are backed up automatically. It can also turn on your wifi when at home or track when you arrive at work. There is so much it can do you just need to ask it.

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