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It’s been a while since I got on my high horse to speak my brains about tech news but it’s never too late to give my view.

PS4 Japan.

The home of Sony will get the PS4 3 months behind the US and Europe. This is a clear sign that the console was made with western homes in mind and that they now play a much more important part than its home territory.

I am a big fan of Sony and its three previous consoles. Here with its new machine they have gone for gamers first and entertainment second. I know Sony have learnt a lot since the PS3 and the mistakes it made. Sony thought it was unstoppable, well the PS2 was phenomenal with over 150 million sold and was only recently taken out of production to make way for the PS4.

So yes, Sony were VERY confidant with the PS3 and this cost them dear. They have learnt and I can only see the PS4 doing the business for them over time.


On the face of it blocking ads on websites with a little app sounds great but when you look at it a little deeper they endanger the whole ethos of the web.

Think about your favourite news site, or Newspaper website etc. Can you remember the adverts you saw on those sites? There were there enticing you to see this or that and click through to another site where you are promised this or that. You might never click it, but you saw it and by seeing it you just paid that site to view it’s content.

Advertising makes the internet free world go around. Without it who is gonna pay for the hosting of the site let alone pay the people to write the content. I know advertising can be obtrusive. There is one site which when you click on an article a massive pop up appears and covers the whole screen. In others a video will randomly play interrupting you music or worse when you are in the library.

I would rather see some rubbish advert than have to pay real money to read content. Call me old fashioned but I like it this way and ad blockers are going to drive sites either out of business or into a subscription model.

New iPhone

And here we are again with another I product due to be announced tomorrow. I can’t get excited about it as you know. Apple are good at what they do but I really dislike the messiah status that comes with a new launch.

Frankly those with an iPhone will love it, some without might want it but the rest of us, will not be bothered. So the icons will have changed and there may be a finger print scanner in it. There may also be a cheaper version to try and take on Android. There may be an augmented reality pop Steve Jobs on the screen, then again there may not.

I know I will avoid all tech news sites and social network sites while the big reveal show is on just as I do when the X-factor is on. Please people be yourself and don’t be part of the crowd.

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