New Moves

Last weekend I moved house. From the tiny cold and often damp park home to a bigger, better and brighter flat closer to my kids.


I don’t often talk about me on here, well apart from the thoughts and feelings towards technology and the world around us. Yet today I am opening up, a new fresh approach to blogging for me which I hope leads to new horizons and eventually a Chromebook. (Happy to test one and review one for anybody out there… ok that’s a bit slutty but I REALLY want one)


Anyway, the new place is awesome so much more space and room to move. The kids also love it which is always heart warming to a magnificent degree. Plus the broadband should, once the usual settling in period, be over twice as fast as I had at the old place. No more buffering on iPlayer HD or being unable to run 3 YouTube videos at once.


Now you may wonder why three lots of YouTube videos at once? The kids live in a connected world and want on demand Minecraft pretty much all the time. That Stampyucat has a lot to answer for. I don’t get it myself who wants to watch videos of someone playing a game you won when you can play it yourself. My youngest though is even more baffling he likes “Knock off” Thomas videos.


Essentially these videos are information videos from down under where leokimvideo goes to his local markets and picks up cheap imitations of big brand toys and proceeds to tell viewers what to be aware of and how unsafe they really are. Often he’ll smash them up at the end of the video, which I think is the reason my kid loves them. As an example see below:



So I have one child on an ancient laptop watching Mincecraft videos, one on the PS3 watching “knock off” videos and me, on my phone, watching whatever has been linked to in my RSS/Newsfeed. Often the latest trailer or cool viral video, all running with minimum fuss… so far.


Ok I’m not sure how I started with a deep emotional change and ended up talking about the Internet… Yep typical me.


I hope to try and update this blog more and more over the coming months with all sorts of bits n bobs and maybe even better categories’ to suit the new style. Yes, this will be another new style but hey change is as good as a rest.

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