Everyday this blog gets hit after hit after hit for just one post. The Marmite Roast Potatoes post. I used to be number one on Google for that search term until Good Housekeeping came along and decided to use a similar recipe but with their flare for presentations beat me into second.


This makes me think that I am writing about the wrong things. Maybe I should be writing about more Marmite based things. Marmite Pizza, Marmite Chicken or Marmite Breads could all be a feature on here. Yet this is not a Marmite blog, it’s a random blog about my weird and often lauded brain. Yes, people laud my brain continually.


I recently went to a Buddies Restaurant in Northampton, with my girlfriend, and enjoyed a mighty Marmite burger. Now I am not normally one to say this but it was a little heavy on the Marmite with Marmite juice from the burger dripping on to my very lovely fries. The fries covered in Marmite juice was awesome. I highly recommend this to anyone if you are in the Northampton area.


Anyway I think in the New Year I’ll get the pans out and will experiment with different Marmite concoctions and different foods. I’ll keep you posted if anything jumps out and bites my face off.

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