Marmite Roast potatoes

Marmite Roast potatoes are a simple treat which I think everyone should try once. I know there is this whole love it hate it argument but I think Marmite is much more complex than that.

I did a little research before I made mine this time and I was surprised by the amount of people who don’t like Marmite but loved Marmite roast potatoes (and Twiglets come to think of it) So here is my recipe to great tasting Marmite Roast Potatoes.

You will need:

  • 4/5 good sized potatoes
  • Marmite (XO works best)
  • Oil/fat – I used about 200g of Trex

Stage 1 - Marmite Roast Potatoes

Peal the potatoes and cut them into 4-5cm chunks and put them in a bowl full of water. This will help remove some of the starch.

Stage 2 - Marmite Roast Potatoes

In a roasting pan/dish add your fat or oil. I am using Trex. Then add a table spoon of Marmite to the Trex and mix it together to make a brown paste. Then put the tray in the oven on around 200c. If you use oil you’ll need to mix it for a little longer.

Stage 3 - Marmite Roast Potatoes

Boil the cut potatoes in slightly salted water until the edges become soft. Then remove them from the heat and drain the water. Put the lid back on the pan and shake the potatoes around. This will soften up the edges and will help give them that crunchy outside, while keeping the fluffy inside.

Stage 4 - Marmite Roast Potatoes

Carefully place each potato in the hot oil. Make sure you minimise the fat splash by turning the spoon away from you as they go in the oil. Make sure you coat each one in the Marmite/oil mix.

Stage 5 - Marmite Roast Potatoes

Then cook in the oven for around 45mins or until they look golden brown turning occasionally. The browning of the potatoes gives them a stronger flavour so don’t worry if they look burnt.

Final Marmite Roast Potatoes

Now A Warning,: the house will smell of Marmite as they cook. For me it’s akin to coffee or baking bread but for those who may not like Marmite, it’s worth warning them of the potential smell. 



  5 comments for “Marmite Roast potatoes

  1. Le'anne
    April 5, 2016 at 13:28

    Wow these look amazing. Will have to try.
    My favourite breakfast is marmite on toast with a fried or poached egg on. I did it when I was on holiday with the residents I was looking after and they all loved it too.

  2. Gill O'Sullivan
    October 7, 2016 at 15:56

    These are absolutely amazing !!!!! You must try them, delicious!!!!!!

    • October 15, 2016 at 09:30

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked them

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