It’s 20Something, I am sure you noticed

Resolutions don’t need to wait until the new year they can happen anytime. They just need to happen. Why am I telling you this. I am sure you already know that cos you’re a super amazing person and you read this blog.


I bet you have read others though promising to do X or Y over the next few months. Maybe blog more, be a better person, go to the gym more or even do more for charity. Things these people want to do and use the cover of a new year as a protective bubble in case things fall by the wayside.


The next 12 months will bring good and bad things I am sure. Some I can control, others I will have no influence over in anyway. We just all need to do a better job of enjoying life. That’s my motto and that’s what 20something will bring.


Can’t beat a classic metaphor

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