House of Cards and May 7th

It’s hard to watch this series of HoC as I get the feeling that certain UK politicians may have Francis Underwood as a moral and political hero. Can you imagine The Camertrons or Milliputs or Cleggigons having the same evil streak as Frank and Claire Underwood.

Yes I know at least one of those couples may suit the moral stance of HoC but they are all vying for House-of-Cards[1]glory in May. Oh and before you start yes I know there are other parties and leaders involved but I don’t have the space to put all their names in and besides there is one I really am trying to avoid.

The elephant in the room is the smoking, drinking and election night plane crasher who I will not name here. Only because I don’t want Google or anyone finding this blog because of him. As the Sun once said “If he wins will the last person to leave turn off the light”. He is more Underwood than Underwood is in his hardest evil days.

02-620x[1]Anyway, the original thread of this email was linking HoC to UK politics but that’s plain silly. The original series of HoC was about UK politics with¬†Francis Urquhart not Francis Underwood the villain of the piece. Working his way up through the Conservative party to the heady heights of PM. Skullduggery and chichanary key elements of his success.


Some political parties might be doing the same¬†of course… of course… you might think that I couldn’t possibly comment.



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