Happy June Eve, Eve.

It’s funny how ideas appear out of nowhere

It’s odd how you could be walking down the road and BOOM an idea appears out of nowhere.. An idea hits you slap in the face like that bus your mother always warned you about. You know the reason why you have to wear clean underwear.The Idea Tram Nottingham

Anyway, I was departing the local light railway system this morning and an idea floated into my head. A sitcom idea none the less. I know before you mention it. Sitcoms are best worked on as a duo. Someone to bounce off, but I like this idea so much I want to run as far as I can before I cry for help.

Clearly I am not going to give the idea away here, but I am going to flesh out the main character over the next few days and the overriding plot arch. Yes, that might included a will they won’t they plot line. It’s a cliché but it bloody well works in sitcoms. It might even include farce. We shall see.

Other News

Er….. I keep playing with the layout and look of this site. I like how it looks now but there are tweaks and design issues i would love to have changed. If anyone wants to help, I am more than happy to add in some free publicity.

Also I am loving my new phone. I might do a review on that at some point. Maybe after a month as I can give a truly used feel to it. Plus I should have found the niggles by then. As a spoiler I have yet to make it crash fully and I usually make ALL phones crash at some point.

It’s going to be a good summer for this blog I hope you come along for the ride.

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