Happy January

It’s almost the end of January as I am sure you are aware. It’s been one of those months which are full of promise but end up the same as ever. The world is still in an utter mess if you believe the media. We could die every day from this or that. We could be saved the following day by this or that. It’s hard to know what’s what…well apart from this blog getting the occasional update. (Someone buy me a Chromebook)


Today’s thought splash is about the world of inequality. From sexism to racism to financialism. Yes, I just made that work up for your delight. The world is not equal not by any means. It’s certainly one sided towards certain people.


Figures by Oxfam state than next year 1% of the world’s population will own 50% of the wealth. A single percent will own more than the other 99% put together. This is both socking and crazy. How much money do these people have and do they need that much to go though their daily routines? I mean what difference is £5bn to £15bn gonna make to what you have for breakfast.


Surly there must be a point when you think I can’t take this with me? Do my kids need this much to live? Is this actually detrimental to my kids and my kids kids? Even the richest man in the world has tried to give his money away as part of the Gates Foundation with an endowment of $42.3 billion in Nov 14. Who needs $81.1 billion anyway?



Over the last few weeks my eldest has started to watch “Brainiac” again on Sky, kind of a cheap British version of Mythbusters. It originally aired 2003-2008 and at the time was a fun way to get people into science, with experiments about running on custard and using fire extinguishers as propellants, with the odd explosion thrown in for good measure.


He really enjoys the weird science aspect of the show. What I don’t enjoy is the casual sexism of the show. If you’ve seen it you’ll have noticed all the experts and brianiacs within the show are male and they all wear long white coats as a badge of their authority. The only example of a female expert is the Professor Myang Li


Now Ms Li ran a segment of the show called “Will it float” where different fruits are dropped into a pool and we the viewer have to see if it floats or sinks. Even here supposed expert Professor Myang Li had to don a bikini. Oh and I say supposed as her real name is Rachel Grant and she not a professor. The only female role model in the show is faked for her physical appearance.


When you add in all other women in the show they are either shown in bikinis, very tight t-shirts or low cut tops. It kinda removes the good it was going in learning about different sciences. I don’t want my son associating science with only men and that women have to wear sexual clothes to fit in.


Finally we move to racism. This one I am wary of typing about, due to abuse people seem to think it’s ok to give people of other cultures and religions. We need to stop the hate. We need to understand and appreciate.


Happy January

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