Government Conspiracy

Internet security is a big thing. Whether its people hacking your accounts or your “friendly” government spying on your emails and pictures… yes those pictures. The ones you took just for your partner to enjoy at their leisure.

I could go on and on about it here but John Oliver and his amazing Last Week Tonight (LWT) have taken care of that for me with some excellent videos on youtube:


Oh wait, if you live in the UK you can’t watch that one. Every other video from LWT you can but not this one. No idea why as this next video is available:

Maybe the UK government have banned the full interview or as I suspect it was Sky putting pressure on HBO to limit it’s reach. Ratings are key.

So to help those in the UK I tried to find another version but YouTube seems intent of stopping those from being played. Either it says see the original with massive banners and won’t play or it just won’t start the stream. Like:


This makes me consider my previous comments, maybe it’s not governments or entertainment companies, it could just be Google hating the content. Google is mentioned in the Snowdon interview a few times.

So how do you watch the this amazing piece of journalism? You use a small browser plug-in called ProxMate. As the Guardian says:

ProxMate is an extension that allows you to view content online that may be blocked in your country. The extension does this by using a proxy server, which in very basic terms tricks whatever website you’re viewing into thinking you’re accessing the site from another location, therefore potentially unlocking region-locked content. The legality of accessing region-locked content in the UK, however, is difficult to pin down and depends on what content you are trying to access and for what reason. You should always check you’re not breaking any laws or terms of service agreements before using this extension.

You simply add this to your browser, hopefully chrome or Firefox, and visit: and see what happens now!!!


Now go change your passwords that’s an order!

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