For me

I write this blog for me and no one else really. Sure I have written a couple of posts which seem to have gained traction with people but, two posts over the many many years I have been bangin away at a keybaord sums up this site to me. That I do it for me.

I don’t track users, viewers, posts read and bounce rates. Why should I? I am not selling something, I am not expecting people to hangout here and follow my every word or even think they will follow me on social media. No I write this weird and crazy stuff for me.

If people like it then that’s great. If they hate it, that’s ok. If people never see it, then well that’s not a problem.  Thinking about it why would people want to read the awful english of a late (VERY LATE) 30-something who doesn’t really have a genre for this blog. Which switches from comment, to review to cooking help and weird stories.

The thing is, could I turn this into something people wanted to read, could I then make some money from crappy adds or get free stuff like those mummy bloggers who despite being well off seem to get free stuff thrown at them like they are out on the street in need of new shoes, coats or day trips to theme parks cos they clearly can’t afford it themselves?

That was maybe a little ranty with a lack of punctuation. The opposite of my over use of the commer. If you a have ever hear me talk with pauses and certain inflection you’d kinda see how those commers work as I really do write how I speak. Which I have been told has it’s own unique style which is code for rubbish.

I won’t stop writing on here, not while I can write. I will keep banging the keyboard in the hope that something of interest will eventually come out. Besides I just paid £10 for another two years of the excellent domain name. Also as an aside the spell check in Google understands me way better than stupid Microsoft office. That really struggles with my “style”

So there you go, a ranty post which if I were to read back I maybe wouldn’t post but I don’t read the stuff back as I know I wouldn’t post half the stuff i write. So thank you dear follower for reading this and the many other posts I have thrown together for my pleasure.

For Me Not For Him

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