Euro-Trip 1995

Way back in the spring of 1995 myself and a good friend at the time decided we would take some time out before he started Uni and I went to college and have a little road trip.  We ended up driving a red ford escort down to Greece and back over a period of 2 months. We had hoped to find some jobs but we were a little bit too early for the summer crowd. Still it was a an amazing experience and one I still treasure to this day. From bribing police officers in a former soviet republic to getting horribly drunk on a beach in Greece. I am looking at the bottle of Jonny Walker Red label which was clearly tainted.

Anyway, we of course had music and my friend loved his tech so we had an after market CD player in the car. This was something amazing for me. CD’s in the car WOW. So we brought a long a few and there are 3 which I remember being on a lot. Not sure why but below are some snippets of those three.

Cracker – Low

Until today I had never seen this video, I didn’t even know there was one. It was on the Kerosene Hat CD which I brought on the journey. Low was the standout track and I think the first single. Other tracks of note include Get off this and Euro-Trash Girl which is a hidden track. I think hearing that track I thought we might have similar adventures. I couldn’t possibly comment.

The Who – Who are you?

This was a best of CD of the Who. This was the first time I had really listened to them. I had heard of them and a few of their tracks but not really investigated them as much as I should. So many excellent tracks on here it makes me for excellent listening and hopefully the CSI affect will wear off and I can listen again with out images in my head of bullets entering rubber heads.

Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop

I can’t remember if this was a best of again or was Led Zeppelin IV but this track is one I remember hearing a lot. When I hear the start it always takes me back to that feeling of driving though different countries around Europe. It’s actually a good driving song and on that bombshell…..

Radiohead – High and Dry (I have chosen the UK video version)

Not a CD we took but something I heard on the radio as we travelled. It was odd that for us being 17 year old’s going out into the big bad world. I had heard the track a couple of times at home before we set out on our trip. I really liked it, simple melodic and almost angelic voice at the time I had no idea who they were or that I liked their earlier single Creep.

It blew my mind that this British band were being played around Europe. Now it would seem weird not to think otherwise not just because it was Radiohead but how the internet has really brought everyone closer.

As an aside I never understood the potential of the internet, sorry, information superhighway back in 1995. I couldn’t see why you would want all this information or be part of a global village. We all get it wrong sometimes dear internet reader.

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