Comes and Goes


There is this thing inside of me that comes and goes. Sometimes it won’t stop for a few days and sometimes it drys up runs away with the circus and feels like it’s never coming back. This thing is the want to write. Today it came back but without intent. It just wanted to put fingers to keyboard.

What can I write about without really knowing what I want to write about? I could write about this or that but I don’t know what this or that is. So clearly I have gone with me explaining that I want to write but have no idea what to write. (You are never gonna get these few minutes back you know!!)

I still have the want to write a sitcom but I am waning on my original idea as there are too many sitcoms featuring white middle aged men. Maybe it needs to be a little bit more than my original idea. Maybe I need to flesh it out more and see it it can be driven by two main characters. I am sure it will come to me and then I will forget it as i won’t have any paper (remember paper?) or my smart phone near me.

photo-1438216983993-cdcd7dea84ceThat reminds me, remember when you used to phone home and leave yourself  a message so you remember to do something when you get in

Yeah Hi me, could I get the Chicken out the Freezer when I get home cos we are not gonna have it tomorrow otherwise. Thanks me.

We should do that more, but I bet there is an app for that… I know there is an app for that but it seems silly if you ask me as you’ll hold your phone directly in front of your face as you leave a voice note for yourself but when you make a self call you hold it like a call. Like the answer machine is gonna suddenly recognise it’s you and talk back.

Come to think of it maybe it’s not a thing cos who actually has a home phone they use. I have a landline but only for broadband. I would rather is wasn’t there. Can the telecommunications companies just charge £XX for broadband without a line? I know virgin can but they are different (not in a good way according to some) Just a thought.

There that’s enough words without really saying anything.

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