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Everyday this blog gets hit after hit after hit for just one post. The Marmite Roast Potatoes post. I used to be number one on Google for that search term until Good Housekeeping came along and decided to use a similar recipe but with their flare for presentations beat me into second.   This makes me think that I am… Read more →

My New Place

New Moves

Last weekend I moved house. From the tiny cold and often damp park home to a bigger, better and brighter flat closer to my kids.   I don’t often talk about me on here, well apart from the thoughts and feelings towards technology and the world around us. Yet today I am opening up, a new fresh approach to blogging… Read more →

Public Information Films (and a random trailer)

On saturday night I sat down to watch one of the most disgusting TV shows ever… well a show about shows from the 70’s. How times have changed. So it got me thinking, below are some scary and funny public information films It finishes with the daddy of them all. Beware of electricity  Watch Out for Escalators  Man Trap Sparkler What’s your… Read more →

Spotify vs Swift

One of my favourite subjects, besides coffee, is Spotify. I have written about it on countless occasions and use it daily. So when I see another story from some musical artist bitching about how little online streaming pays it makes my heart bleed with stupidity.   The musical world has changed over the last 20 years yet some artists and… Read more →

My Corner of the Internet

It has been… well too long since my last post here in the corner of the internet. Things have gotten a little crazy with time and energy. My creative juices have dried up and turned to dust.   So today, I make this pledge dear reader: I will write more. I will do more. I will show you more. I… Read more →

Safety First

Security and the internet are becoming more and more interwoven. We take it for granted that you need to have password after password for this site and that site and this app or that. The advice we are meant to keep these all different is hard to swallow. The recent iCloud debacle is proof enough.   I did a little… Read more →

Goodbye Mr Williams

There will be a lot written about Robin Williams over the next few days. Comments about his amazing comedy talent and acting skills will pour from all who have enjoyed his Unique and it is so unique, brand of comedy.   For me I have identified with him on different levels. Yes I enjoyed his stand up shows and improve… Read more →