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The Idea Tram Nottingham

Happy June Eve, Eve.

It’s funny how ideas appear out of nowhere It’s odd how you could be walking down the road and BOOM an idea appears out of nowhere.. An idea hits you slap in the face like that bus your mother always warned you about. You know the reason why you have to wear clean underwear. Anyway, I was departing the local light… Read more →

Dan and the Academy Awards

Dan and the Academy Awards

There is no business like show business and there is no show like the Academy awards… or Oscars to you and Dan. I am still unclear on the specifics but Dan was due to present this year’s ceremony. Apparently he applied at his local job centre for a non descript role We are looking for an experienced customer facing candidate… Read more →

Coming Soon

Things I have planned for this blog over the next few weeks, months and years. I have been off the diet recently, school holidays have put a kibosh on the fasting. This will resume ASAP as I feel like I am going the other way. So expect a few more diet articles about how it’s going and tips. These so far seem to be the… Read more →

Evil Fox

Fussy Friday Fox Feeds From Fingers

Foxes union calls for calm. The leader of the National Union of Foxes (NUFF) is calling for claim today after reports a fox bit the finger of a four week old child. The Fantastic Mr Fox, 2 said “We mustn’t punish the majority because of a singular minority” It’s reported that a fox broke into a house in the Bromley… Read more →

Viral Dan

Viral Dan

It came as no great surprise to me that Dan wanted to be a viral sensation. He had no idea how he was to achieve this but knew it would probably be painful either to himself or the viewer. I sat stony faced as he rattled his way through a number of “classic” clips. Pointing out how he wants to… Read more →


I like Bob

I like Bob. I have always liked Bob. The way it sounds as you say it, the way Rowan Atkinson says it in Blackadder. Yet in the USA there is a “Bob” who I see as a genius. A real inspiration to us office workers everywhere. I am referring to Verizon’s software developer known as “Bob”. Bob was a model… Read more →

Eddie and Tweetdeck

Strange Goings on

Today I have two things I wanted to spew out onto this blog of mine. They are very different and still slightly strange and I know strange when I see it.  Strange Number One   A blog I follow highlighted this to me today, well it was published Friday.Strange Number One I really don’t know what to say to this.… Read more →