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Man about to kick woman into water

Some people are just horrible

I don’t do political stuff often even though, this is my space.. well not MySpace, as that’s deader than disco. This is just my area of the internet where I can work things out I my tiny little mind.   Now It’s clear there is very little action in my mind as this was last update was in June, and… Read more →

House of Cards and May 7th

It’s hard to watch this series of HoC as I get the feeling that certain UK politicians may have Francis Underwood as a moral and political hero. Can you imagine The Camertrons or Milliputs or Cleggigons having the same evil streak as Frank and Claire Underwood. Yes I know at least one of those couples may suit the moral stance… Read more →

Safety First

Security and the internet are becoming more and more interwoven. We take it for granted that you need to have password after password for this site and that site and this app or that. The advice we are meant to keep these all different is hard to swallow. The recent iCloud debacle is proof enough.   I did a little… Read more →