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Death of Dan

New Writing Toys

2 new writing tools which have the power to help create interesting stories from a display perspective. I am talking about Twine and Citex. I recently decided that I need to start writing a complete story. Not the little bits and bobs i post here. I want to create characters and take them on a journey unlike anything I have… Read more →

Coming Soon

Things I have planned for this blog over the next few weeks, months and years. I have been off the diet recently, school holidays have put a kibosh on the fasting. This will resume ASAP as I feel like I am going the other way. So expect a few more diet articles about how it’s going and tips. These so far seem to be the… Read more →


The Internet

The internet is a crazy place. Full of crazy people with crazy ideas. So crazy in fact you often need someone to help you through it. Google used to be it for me. Google found a way to index the web and present it in a clean and easy to understand manner. They also made it easier to find what you wanted not what it… Read more →

spam in a can

Just a small selection of Spam

  I have some information you may be interested in PHILIP. The information is in regards to getting $5,500 from FL for school. You should really look into this. The money given can be used for anything especially bills and so forth. You can actually go back to school and take your courses online from home. This can help you… Read more →

Page One of Google

SEO must be working

It would appear that some of my efforts in SEO have been working. I have had a few visits from random searches for my blog. Maybe it’s not too late to take over the world. The two most found bits were Upgrade my phone please! and Fussy Friday Fox Feeds From Fingers. Now I know why the phone piece is getting… Read more →

Sad times for me cos of t

Upgrade my phone please!

The 26th of Feb is the day I could have had a Sony Xperia Z… but won’t I like mobile phones, I like what they can do nowadays. From Sat Nav to internet to TV/radio to talking to people. They are a great and useful piece of technology for me. The trouble is they change so quickly. I am currently using a 3 year old model. Not through choice but because my other… Read more →

boring site image. Thanks Google


Today’s post is about websites. The websites I go to. Its not in order and I can’t guarantee the links will work as you have to be logged into some but click and be surprised (or not) iGoogle. Pocket-lint – Gadget Reviews, Product News, Electronic Gadgets. BBC Sport – Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn. John Pye Auctions – Auctioneers and ValuersJohn Pye Auctions. HotUKDeals – Deals,… Read more →