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Safety First

Security and the internet are becoming more and more interwoven. We take it for granted that you need to have password after password for this site and that site and this app or that. The advice we are meant to keep these all different is hard to swallow. The recent iCloud debacle is proof enough.   I did a little… Read more →


Choosing what to write

Writing for Nothing Funny Here is very soothing and often very helpful for getting those annoying thoughts out of my head that won’t go away and frequently keep me up at night. Some are stupid and silly and some are incredibly dull. Others however are worth writing down and putting up for the internet world to see. Well you mainly… Read more →

PS4 Logo

New Things

It’s been a while since I got on my high horse to speak my brains about tech news but it’s never too late to give my view. PS4 Japan. The home of Sony will get the PS4 3 months behind the US and Europe. This is a clear sign that the console was made with western homes in mind and… Read more →

Connected but not the Stereo MC’s version

The connect future is almost here. We have so many Connected Tech products  phones connected to the internet; TV’s connected to the internet, games consoles, smart meters, rubbish bins, advertising displays and even your car is now connected to the internet. Yet big business want even more connected. I remember a few years ago how Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags would be in… Read more →