Bernard Herrmann

His scores have taken on a life of their own away from the movies they were meant to accompany. Play someone the music from the Psycho shower sequence and people will know the mood you are trying to convey. Bernard Herrmann’s music has transcended movies and for me become something more. Often filled with dark brooding tones and often heavy weighted. Below are some of my absolute favorite of his scores. (no the shower scene is not part of it)


The Rainstorm – This is the build up to actually arriving at the Bates Motel. It’s full of kinetic energy and foreshadows the famous death scene with it’s hints of danger. YouTube Link

Vertigo – This for me is his best work. Again we have dark under currents running through the piece but it’s juxtaposed with the main theme and it’s unnerving mix of stings, what sounds like a flute and deep brass. Just a wonderful emotive mix.  YouTube Link

Cape Fear – Dark brooding and foreboding, you can see why when Martin Scorsese remade Cape Fear he kept the original soundtrack. It has all the hallmarks of a great Herrmann score. YouTube Link


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