BaD tImEs AhEaD

The snoopers charter is likely to go ahead, cuts to services are to go ahead, the BBC will have to really negotiate for continued investestment, further sell offs of the post office and now the Guardian are reporting that Channel 4 might be ripe to also be sold off.

I worry for the future of free and open media. The BBC and C4 are institutions which can challenge and push Governments and those in power for answers. They have the freedom of intrusion from owners/shareholders, they can push boundaries and try new things.

Sure the BBC has become a safe bet recently but they are still trying some new things with comedy and drama. Take WWW.THELASTHOURSOFLAURAK.COM which is an amazing journy into a whole new way to approch drama putting you in the driving seat to solve a murder using social media, phone messages and CCTV footage on a very detailed time line.

Throw in that Theresa May thinks TV shows should be pre censored for extremist content and you have a media industry in a real pickle.

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