Atheists are less trustworthy than rapists.

Astonishingly, a previous poll by Pew suggested respondents in the US regarded atheists as less trustworthy than rapists*


I don’t write much political stuff, well I don’t write much but this small part of a an article from BBC News got me thinking about the US/UK divide and how we are very different in some aspects and yet so close in others.


Before I continue I am not bashing any country. I am not foolish enough to want to fight the whole of the USA that’s because most of the country has some sort of gun tucked away and guns are something we British don’t very well.


Anyway, back to atheists. I consider myself an atheist. If there is a divine creator, brilliant. Nice to meet you but I know deep down there is nothing. Does that scare me? If I’m honest yeah, that’s why me and space (the final frontier) don’t get on. Its vast empty nothingness is something which wrecks my tiny brain.


Yet people are free to choose to believe what they want. I would never trash talk someone for their faith. I will loose all respect for you and your beliefs if you force your views on me that is not faith that’s evangelism.


To read the above was rather shocking, in fact some of the tactics of the religious army scare me. I won’t start with the S religion. I am careful here not to mention it by name as they are rather scary and I do not want people on my door step threatening me with this and that. I have said too much already… I can hear a noise outside!!!


I find it odd that people are so ingrained into believing in something that they cast out all others despite so may morals and parables about helping others within the text’s they trust. If you have a caring God why do you feel the need to act in such horrible ways? Can this almighty powerful god not control things themselves?


Oh wait, that is going against freewill. Freewill is the import part of religion as it explains why we are not single minded drones and we are free to choose what to believe. I guess to a point this might explain creationism in the face of cold hard facts.


I think I’ll rest my case on this image:





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