A chunk of a story

Not sure where this one is going yet but here is a brief taste of the current story.

Tom sat alone in the kitchen, his eyes fixed on the tree at the bottom of the garden, the warm cup of coffee he treated himself too was almost empty but stuck to his palm. He lifted it one last time to finish its contents. The delicious hit of freshly ground coffee one of life’s little wins. He lets out a little sigh and lifts the lid of the laptop once more. Displayed on screen is:

Chapter 12 – Marmosets are created from Cheese

Then a sudden burst of energy from Tom ensures, the keyboard is taking some serious abuses a Tom widely and recklessly thrashing out his thoughts. The noise from the keyboard echoes across the white tiled walls of the kitchen. Even the birds in the garden have stopped their pecking to see what this racket is. Then as quickly as it starts, It stops.

The word counter shows 6,437 words. Tom moves his mouse and clicks save. Then moves to Open new. A new document is created and he sits for a second before typing out:

Chapter 13 – Only when death comes a knocking do my knees start singing.

Tom closed the laptop lid, picks up his empty cup and takes it over to the coffee machine. He pours himself another large cup of coffee before adding a small spoonful of sugar. He stirs it very slowly and carefully not a drop must be wasted. He lifts the white mug to his lips and takes a mighty drink. A smile cascades across his face. He pauses before returning to his seat. The tree at the bottom of the garden gets another stare from Tom’s brown eyes.

This time he sees something that wasn’t there before. Something new. He steps closer to the patio door, is brow furrowed. He scans the area one more time but whatever it was has gone. Not even sure if it was real he sits back down again. A few more sips of Joe and back to the laptop.

Ideas please on a postcard to the usual address on how where to go next!

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