4 Video’s you should watch (well 3 really the last is crazy)



As it’s that time of the month again… no not that type of “time of the month” I am a dude, don’t forget. I mean that time where I don’t know what to write so I stick up some cool videos for your enjoyment. Some you might have seen some you might not have.

I really like the dedication of time on this video. Someone has thought it out and even put in little touches like the fuzz rolling down the screen and calling it VHS. Add into that how so spot on for an 80’s TV series it is. Brilliant and well done that person

I stumbled across the German trailer first for this. Then I saw the above and while it’s flashy and cool, I can’t bring myself to think the actual movie will be any good. It reminds me of the start of the original Men in Black, especially the scene where Will Smith drags the table to his seat.

This is here because my son’s think it’s the funniest thing on YouTube, personally I don’t get it. It’s very high brow so see what you think.

Finally I don’t even know what that was…



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