09/02/2009 at 12:32 pm

It’s a strange title for a blog post I know. But clearly it has some sort of meaning. Well yes it does, good reader. This is the date of my first ever post. It wasn’t here of course, as this is a new site, but it can be read on here.

When I wrote that post I had no idea I would take that it with me to many sites since. All the time not changing a single word on it. I mean I should have it’s full of spelling issues. What is interesting though is it captures a moment in time. A moment 12 years ago (at the time of writing)

As I shifted the old posts to here, it got me thinking. Should this be something I get back into? Should I make a more detailed diary entry about my day’s activities, thoughts and feelings? Could this be a useful tool to document how I am doing day to day?

I know I want to write more. I find writing has a double positive impact on me. Not only does it get some creative juices out, alright stop sniggering. It also helps clear my brain of negative useless stuff. This is the stuff which is causes my feelings of ennui and melancholy.

I do need to be realistic though, I have tried to do this before and failed. I get a few months in, sometimes weeks, and just forget or can’t think of anything to write about. I will push forward this time and make it a happen… probably.

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