The Future of gaming

2013 is going to change the games landscape starting with the PS4

In a few weeks will should get to see the first offering of the next generation of games consoles. The techy reveal of the PS4 with it’s new controller and off the shelf innards. Exciting stuff if you have the cash to buy one come Christmas (maybe later).

There is the rub. Cash flow for most people at the moment is slow. Sure your gamer geek will buy one no matter what it takes, or whatever the cost but what about the other market for these machine, the family.

Both Sony and Microsoft shifted their original products to cater for the family markets because of the the massive success of the Wii.The Wii truly was a game changer at the time. The geeky boys only image smashed by Grannies playing Wii tennis in the nursing home.

This all “people welcome” system from Nintendo forced everyone to change tack and try and win a massive base of customers they had no idea even existed. From that we got the successful Xbox Kinect and the OK PlayStation Move.

With tough times ahead for families, are they going to be convinced to spend money on a new system which will promise this and that? It’s hard to tell, I do think that both Sony and Microsoft will make much more of the value added element of their products rather than spec.

This will be because of the direct competition they face from cloud gaming, where no physical game is played in your machine it’s all streamed from a central server over the internet. As well as the cheap as your mum Android and Linux/Steam based systems. Plus you never know what Apple will do.

The fight for control of your living room is going to hot up this year just as it has over the last few for your phone. I hope Sony can pull off something here with the PS4 which they missed with the 3. It may be more powerful than a 360 but it never really bettered. Now would be a good time to come out fighting.

Remember Theses?


Boot Note: Its worth pointing out Sony brought Gaikai another cloud bases gaming system last year for around $380m. That’s a lot cash for something they haven’t done anything with YET! 

Boot Note 2: I know I haven’t mentioned the WiiU, well that’s because it’s a dead format already, nice idea but badly done on the cheap



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