The Fast Diet: 5:2 Diet: IF Diet – Whatever its called Diet

One mans adventure in the fasting diet

I don’t do crazes or should that be crazies. Either way I have just started a journey along one. I have started the (drum roll please) Fast diet or 5:2 diet which is sweeping the nation. I should point out I have not changed into a “Mummy Blogger” over night I just think it’s good to get a man’s view on this.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, how about a little background. I am talking about a diet which has a number of names but is pretty much the same thing. The Fast Diet, 5:2 diet, IF diet etc are all based on the same principal and idea. Essentially you eat as you wish for 5 days a week. No calorie counting, no fat reduction and no just eating cabbage soup. You continue about your day like your normally would. Eating as you feel the need and enjoying life. The other two days you fast.

On your fast days the idea is you don’t eat, I know the clue is in the name. That’s 2 days, often with at least one normal day in-between, a week food free (hence the 5:2 name). If you need to eat there is 600 calories for men and 500 calories for women available. However to make this really work you need to eat those calories as far apart as possible to ensure your fast is giving you the correct results. How people split their days up is completely up to them.

I currently fast Mondays and Fridays as these tend to be the busier days at work. Busy me = less interest in food. I will eat normally Sunday, so an evening meal around 5-6 and nothing to eat until maybe 6-7 Monday night when I will eat my 600 calories. I will still drink water and black coffee throughout the day but no food. On Thursday and Friday it’s a similar story. This is what works for me so far, some people choose a different approach. For example I know of someone who is fasting 2pm Monday to 2pm Tuesday . I think the great thing about this system is that it offers freedom to do it as it suits you.

So what is this doing to your body? I am not Doctor, well apart from Doctor Feel-Good on a Saturday night, but that’s not important right now. The way I understand it is this. As we go about our normal days we consume more and more sugars and fats and well everything else than we used too.

5:2 Fatt If diet

Food is now everywhere. I still remember when it was considered bad manners to eat out on the street. (take note Greggs). The high availability of food leads our bodies into a feast mode; this makes our body work harder as it enjoys the freedom of food. Producing new cells and living it up.

What the fasting does in theory is slow this process down. The body no longer works at millions miles an hour as we are in famine mood. What it does is start to repair existing cells and use the bodies’ residual fat to keep the engine ticking over.

This theory links back to the good old days of hunter gatherers, when we humans would be in feast or famine mood all the time. The body is used to not having food, so it knows how to deal when provisions are low; it also knows what it should do when provisions are in plentiful supply. So by going through this diet you are almost resetting the body back to caveman days (or cavewoman)

That’s the theory anyway. I am no doctor and would never claim to be (expect for Doctor Feel-Food and when signing up to some junk mail offer for some free this or that. I might also be a Rev, sometimes a Sir. ). I have said too much about that already.

I will try not to bore you with my journey too much but if you’d like to see how I get on please follow me here or on twitter.So far it’s been going well, two fast days down and some nice results are already showing.


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