Sitcom Writer Needed

One day I want to write a sitcom, not a novel or movie but a situation comedy. The issue is I have no idea what kinda situation I want to write about or what the characters should be. I don’t know where the jokes and humor will come from or what I am really going to say with it. Yet… Read more →

For Me Not For Him

For me

I write this blog for me and no one else really. Sure I have written a couple of posts which seem to have gained traction with people but, two posts over the many many years I have been bangin away at a keybaord sums up this site to me. That I do it for me. I don’t track users, viewers, posts… Read more →

BaD tImEs AhEaD

The snoopers charter is likely to go ahead, cuts to services are to go ahead, the BBC will have to really negotiate for continued investestment, further sell offs of the post office and now the Guardian are reporting that Channel 4 might be ripe to also be sold off. I worry for the future of free and open media. The BBC and… Read more →

Music Changes Everything

By now I am guessing you have seen the new Star Wars trailer. If you haven’t or you have forgotten what it looks like I have put it below. I have also popped a mashup of it too. Someone has taken the time to mashup the music and add the soundtrack from Inception. It adds a whole new darker feel… Read more →

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 User Review

Let’s start with a confession; this is my 3rd official HTC phone, The HTC One M9. Not because I am a die-hard HTC fanatic, but they have either produced the best handset at time of upgrade or they have the feature I need. So before I review my new phone without techy boring bits, let me give you some background.… Read more →

Government Conspiracy

Internet security is a big thing. Whether its people hacking your accounts or your “friendly” government spying on your emails and pictures… yes those pictures. The ones you took just for your partner to enjoy at their leisure. I could go on and on about it here but John Oliver and his amazing Last Week Tonight (LWT) have taken care… Read more →

Lego Jon

The beauty of Lego is the pain of Lego. Sticking one brick to another and constructing abstract and unusual shapes is joyful. Making pretend guns or space ships all part of the glory of the plastic. Where Lego falls down is in its deconstruction, the pulling apart of those tiny blocks.   Jon looked at his impressive collection of bricks… Read more →

Pinterest and IFTTT

I have prided myself on joining new and emerging websites, some die on their arse others take off. So much so I have an IFTTT account which send me beta releases of new sites. I can register my interest, log my usual username and boom. I am in on the ground floor for the next big thing. Yeah I have… Read more →

Phonebox library

I like it when Banbury gets in the news and this is a brilliant reason for it. This is for the Banbury Guardian : Watch Banbury phone box library from the comfort of your living room Sorry you need a frames compatible browser to view this webcam Read more →

House of Cards and May 7th

It’s hard to watch this series of HoC as I get the feeling that certain UK politicians may have Francis Underwood as a moral and political hero. Can you imagine The Camertrons or Milliputs or Cleggigons having the same evil streak as Frank and Claire Underwood. Yes I know at least one of those couples may suit the moral stance… Read more →