This is not normal

My plan for today’s post was to link to the Last Week Tonight video but sadly, it’s not available in the UK so it would seem pointless to even try. It was essentially slating Trump and how the country in which Mr Oliver now lives, could elect  ‘A (Ku Klux) Klan-backed misogynist internet troll will deliver the next State of… Read more →

We All Have Systems as you gotta have a system

We all have systems and I am not talking about mechanical or technological systems. I am not even talking about plumbing systems. I am talking about systems we humans use to navigate the world on a day to day basis. As Harry Hill used to say “Gotta have a system”   The other day I was at work and I… Read more →

Bernard Herrmann

His scores have taken on a life of their own away from the movies they were meant to accompany. Play someone the music from the Psycho shower sequence and people will know the mood you are trying to convey. Bernard Herrmann’s music has transcended movies and for me become something more. Often filled with dark brooding tones and often heavy… Read more →