The Internet

Today is an historic day here at Nothing Funny Here Towers, as today is the day the internet was installed. I know for most of the modern Britain this is noting out of the ordinary. For me it is.

Over the last few months thank to a very good friend who i will call Mr Abel as that’s his name, has allowed me the use of his BT wifi login. Which while useful was painfully slow and prone to simply cut…..


So now I have my own internet connection which is not as quick as I am used to but more than adequate for my needs. It streams YouTube cat video’s and downloads iPlayer fine so we can blog again about the random, the good and of course the bad.

Also we may branch out into audio with the likes of Soundcloud and Audioboo. So we hope to become more than just words on a screen but sounds too. If I am honest radio would be so much better with me on it. 🙂 Modest I know

So this will be the first of many new posts going forward. there is a new vigor with Nothing Funny Here and we intend to make it the most interesting and fun site we can.

So to keep you going below are two YouTube clips which I think are brilliant. Beware of strong language.

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