IF diet update aka 5:2 diet

2 weeks in on the IF Diet

Today is the start of the 3rd week of my new diet. You know the one (click here if not) with its plethora of names, I will call it the IF Diet. So I thought it was time for some updates.

Empty IF diet plate

Day 1

The first day of fasting was tough, not as tough as I thought it would be but still hard. You don’t realise how much time is spent with food or around food. I work in an office so it’s a sedentary work with the ready supply of cakes and biscuits for birthdays etc. Also as this day was the first Friday after payday some evil git colleagues went to the local chip shop.

I felt ok in myself, I felt the hunger most of the day, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast which was 2 slices of toast with butter. I am a grazer by nature, picking at bit as I go, so for my body not to have anything was hard. I did find that hot drinks of tea and coffee helped but these contained milk. So I was still taking in calories as the day went on.

On the way home I did start to feel like my body was really unhappy, a little shaky and my mind was not all with it. This soon passes as I ate my evening meal. This was more toast but this time 2 nice hard boiled eggs. Which was lovely, no that’s not fair, it was amazing. So tasty, the flavours really jumped off the plate.

Day 2

I knew what to expect here. It was made easier as it was a Monday. No one wanting to blow away the cobwebs of the week yet so no treat foods around. I also decided not to eat breakfast. I have found when I eat breakfast it tends to make me hungrier around late morning. Eating nothing really helped oddly.

I still drank the coffee with milk; well I had a 2 litre carton to get through. This again helped deal with the hunger. I was getting used to the hunger and ready for the day, in a way it was nice not having to worry about what I was to eat or when. It sounds odd but being a larger than average bear, food plays on my mind a lot.

Day 3

Again no breakfast so I think I ended up having no calories from around 8/9pm Thursday to 7pm Friday.  Then after a meal of 570 calories, I won’t say what it was but it was in part due to the kids having a treat at a happy meal place.

Having consumed this type of food before, for the first time my taste buds really went to work on it. I know it’s all a bit plastic and empty of flavour but when you’ve not eaten all day it was a sensation. Each mouthful brimming with taste and goodness. Ok not goodness, but it was yummy.

Day 4

This was a struggle; our two year old doesn’t seem to want to sleep much at the moment. So I was VERY tired as the day started. I had also run out of milk, this meant black coffee to keep me going through the day. Work was ok and my evening meal was good, but it was later on in the day when I felt the need to eat, I wanted something. I wanted something appetizing yet it had to be small. Cheese was whirling through my mind, it pre occupied my thoughts throughout the night.

I finally shared a packed of Wostits with my wife. I got my cheese (ish) fix and the calorie intake was low. That was hard, very hard.

General IF info

Have chewing gum, as your stomach has not processed food it can make your breath smell, of course choose sugar free as this has minimum calories. I think 1 cal per piece.

Fight the urges, tomorrow is another day and that means whatever food you feel like.

The feast days, you’ll look at food differently. You might not want this or that any more. I find I eat less the following day to a fast. If I do eat normally but stomach fills quickly and I get the full signal after 2/3 of my usual portion.

Don’t cut down on the feast days, your body might go into starvation mode which is bad, very bad. You need feast and famine to make this work safely. I look at calories on my feast days but as an information source so I can work out how to spend my 600 on fast days. If there is a meal I love and it’s just over the 600, I will find ways to make it fit so I can enjoy food as if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick at it.


I feel much happier and self confidant on the days I fast, this continues on a day or so after. I presume this is the effects of the body repairing, to be honest I don’t care what it is, it’s nice! One thing I didn’t do before I started was to weigh myself, not an issue as I can tell the weight is coming off. Not only can I see it but I have noticed I have need to use new belt loops to cope with the loss. Currently I am between holes, so it’s either trouser dangling or squashing the life out of me when I sit.


I will keep you updated on my progress but so far the IF diet has been good for me.



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