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We All Have Systems as you gotta have a system

We all have systems and I am not talking about mechanical or technological systems. I am not even talking about plumbing systems. I am talking about systems we humans use to navigate the world on a day to day basis. As Harry Hill used to say “Gotta have a system”   The other day I was at work and I… Read more →

What Happened

What Happened?

What happened to the year so far? It’s March already and I haven’t posted anything since January. This is not only poor on my part but also bad for my Google search ranking. Hence this post about… well… nothing really. I did plan to have a month of posts all lined up for February but it got away from me.… Read more →

It’s 20Something, I am sure you noticed

Resolutions don’t need to wait until the new year they can happen anytime. They just need to happen. Why am I telling you this. I am sure you already know that cos you’re a super amazing person and you read this blog.   I bet you have read others though promising to do X or Y over the next few… Read more →

Under Pressure

I do like when people take a well known song and give it a twist, here though we have Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie stripped back to just the vocals. You can find out more here about the recording of the 31st best song of the 80’s according to VH1