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Cheese and the Smells

Bad Cheese and the Smells

It’s a strange world out there. There are all kinds of oddities which make me smile and cry in equal measure. There’s the internet troll and his family of trollits. There is Dan and his magnificent collection of tooth picks from 1739 to 1894 (post 1894 they are just sharp sticks) and of course there were the little Smells of… Read more →

Moving Car Duct Tape

If it ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape

Thomas liked to sit by the seaside and watch the ships coming in and going out again which was odd considering his mortal fear of all things water. The fear of water started just after he was 4 when he watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time. A melting Witch does strange things to a 4 year old. It has… Read more →


The world is imploding,

 Big title for a small story. Andre thought as he flicked through the daily fail. Each story was filled with more depressing news than the last. Migrants were causing house prices to rise and the predicted hot summer would only encouraged more to travel to the UK.  Andre put the paper down and sat for a second. He was trying… Read more →

Cat Tea

A chunk of a story

Not sure where this one is going yet but here is a brief taste of the current story. Tom sat alone in the kitchen, his eyes fixed on the tree at the bottom of the garden, the warm cup of coffee he treated himself too was almost empty but stuck to his palm. He lifted it one last time to finish… Read more →