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Coming Soon

Things I have planned for this blog over the next few weeks, months and years. I have been off the diet recently, school holidays have put a kibosh on the fasting. This will resume ASAP as I feel like I am going the other way. So expect a few more diet articles about how it’s going and tips. These so far seem to be the… Read more →

Evil Fox

Fussy Friday Fox Feeds From Fingers

Foxes union calls for calm. The leader of the National Union of Foxes (NUFF) is calling for claim today after reports a fox bit the finger of a four week old child. The Fantastic Mr Fox, 2 said “We mustn’t punish the majority because of a singular minority” It’s reported that a fox broke into a house in the Bromley… Read more →

Viral Dan

Viral Dan

It came as no great surprise to me that Dan wanted to be a viral sensation. He had no idea how he was to achieve this but knew it would probably be painful either to himself or the viewer. I sat stony faced as he rattled his way through a number of “classic” clips. Pointing out how he wants to… Read more →


I like Bob

I like Bob. I have always liked Bob. The way it sounds as you say it, the way Rowan Atkinson says it in Blackadder. Yet in the USA there is a “Bob” who I see as a genius. A real inspiration to us office workers everywhere. I am referring to Verizon’s software developer known as “Bob”. Bob was a model… Read more →

Eddie and Tweetdeck

Strange Goings on

Today I have two things I wanted to spew out onto this blog of mine. They are very different and still slightly strange and I know strange when I see it.  Strange Number One   A blog I follow highlighted this to me today, well it was published Friday.Strange Number One I really don’t know what to say to this.… Read more →

who are you?

Who are you?

As I sit here and write another post about this or that I wonder who reads this? Who takes the time out of their day to read a few hundred words about this or that? Whoever you are thank you. I know it’s not easy to find the time or the patience to read my oddities and strangeness. I hope… Read more →

Help my writing

Writing feedback

I often wonder what will happen in the future to my writing. Will I continue with this blog, will I continue to write stories featuring the very talented and made up Dan. Will they ever lead to anything? I love writing the Dan stories and stories in general. I don’t hold back and put up every finished piece of work… Read more →

Random Thought

I wonder what my next story should be about. I have started to write a few with good old Dan at the helm. No overly sure which one to continue. I am going to set myself a deadline though. By the 14th December 2012. There will be a new story. There said it no taking it back now! Read more →

He was a She, in a He

It all started when she was a little boy. It was odd growing up as a boy but being a girl. The world simply would not accept her for what he was. A mixed up shook up person, in a mixed up shook up world. The reason I bring her to your attention is he is due to launch a… Read more →