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Dan and the Kettle

Dan was not happy at the recent developments in the world. He felt powerless to act upon the rage that had been building first with Brexit, then Trump-o-gedon and now, his kettle had decided to give up the ghost and no longer heat anything inside to a reasonable temperature.   He typed in a tweet about how things come in… Read more →

This Circus of a Life – A short Story

When Tony was a boy he dreamed of running away to the tax office just like his real dad. Instead he’s stuck with this circus of a life, each night having to throw buckets of colorful papers strips over a baying audience. He wanted normality in his life, he wanted stability yet he got this; an apparently fun life of… Read more →

Lego Jon

The beauty of Lego is the pain of Lego. Sticking one brick to another and constructing abstract and unusual shapes is joyful. Making pretend guns or space ships all part of the glory of the plastic. Where Lego falls down is in its deconstruction, the pulling apart of those tiny blocks.   Jon looked at his impressive collection of bricks… Read more →

Paper Clips

I will always remember the day I invented paperclips. It was a cold winter’s evening back in January 1867. I’d collected numeroussheets of paper and simply couldn’t find a piece of ribbon to tie them together, nor something that didn’t make the paper buckle and twist. I did, however, have a lovely green pipe cleaner to hand, and for some… Read more →