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Government Conspiracy

Internet security is a big thing. Whether its people hacking your accounts or your “friendly” government spying on your emails and pictures… yes those pictures. The ones you took just for your partner to enjoy at their leisure. I could go on and on about it here but John Oliver and his amazing Last Week Tonight (LWT) have taken care… Read more →

Pinterest and IFTTT

I have prided myself on joining new and emerging websites, some die on their arse others take off. So much so I have an IFTTT account which send me beta releases of new sites. I can register my interest, log my usual username and boom. I am in on the ground floor for the next big thing. Yeah I have… Read more →

Spotify vs Swift

One of my favourite subjects, besides coffee, is Spotify. I have written about it on countless occasions and use it daily. So when I see another story from some musical artist bitching about how little online streaming pays it makes my heart bleed with stupidity.   The musical world has changed over the last 20 years yet some artists and… Read more →