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Music Changes Everything

By now I am guessing you have seen the new Star Wars trailer. If you haven’t or you have forgotten what it looks like I have put it below. I have also popped a mashup of it too. Someone has taken the time to mashup the music and add the soundtrack from Inception. It adds a whole new darker feel… Read more →

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 User Review

Let’s start with a confession; this is my 3rd official HTC phone, The HTC One M9. Not because I am a die-hard HTC fanatic, but they have either produced the best handset at time of upgrade or they have the feature I need. So before I review my new phone without techy boring bits, let me give you some background.… Read more →

Government Conspiracy

Internet security is a big thing. Whether its people hacking your accounts or your “friendly” government spying on your emails and pictures… yes those pictures. The ones you took just for your partner to enjoy at their leisure. I could go on and on about it here but John Oliver and his amazing Last Week Tonight (LWT) have taken care… Read more →