A few tips for the 5:2 Fast diet

It’s been 6 weeks since I have started the Fast Diet and still so far so good. I feel healthier, look thinner and importantly I am still enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy something you won’t stick with it.

I have noticed that my site is getting lots of interest about the diet so I thought I would put together a  few tips on what helps me keep going through the fast days.

1.            Hot drinks seem to claim the hunger pangs. These pangs however come and go in waves and over time you tend to notice them less on the fast days. There are of course times when they are just too much and you need something (see number 8)

2.            Do the fast day when you are busy. I know a lot of people plan the fast days around when they are doing the least, but I find if your brain is busy you forget about the want for food. I do mine at work. Sure it’s a little difficult, the bad breath element of the diet is a major downer but sugar free gum helps or the fact that the person next to you has gone to the Chip shop for lunch…..

3.            Try and sort the timings it so sleep does some of the work for you. I fast from around 6pm until 6pm the next day. This means I have an evening meal and that’s it until the next evening meal. I am asleep for some of this time and I too busy for breakfast.

4.            I avoid breakfast on fast days. I prefer my calories later in the day. Plus having breakfast make me hungrier later on. This works for me

5.            Do what works for you. The beauty of this system is do what feels right for you, just understand the principles and you are set. Each and everyone I speak do does it differently. As humans we are all different.

6.            Join the Facebook The 5:2 Diet group lots of support and suggestions. This was actually the hardest part for me was opening up to others that I am doing this.

7.            Similar to 6 but tell people you are doing the diet as this is a good motivator as A. You don’t want to seem a failure B. You want to prove you can do it.

8.            Find a low calorie snack for emergencies. I like to have a piece of fruit or even a biscuit.  I tired Miso soup for the first time this week and I really like it. Tasty and only 40 calories a bowl.

It’s just a quick list, the whole ethos is find what works and stick to it and in no time you’ll be amazed at the changes.




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